Saturday was a blur.  I got up, thanks to Kink beaming me in the head with her new Red Sox cay toy, and hit the ground running.  I was off to my magic loop sock knitting class.  After the usual beginner hiccups, I was off and running.  I don’t think I will ever use double pointed needles again.  Ok, maybe as a cable needle or a stitch holder.  The teacher is great and I highly recommend taking classes at So Much Yarn.

After that I ran up to the pool for our group lesson.  Which was great.  I did swim full force into the wall and for the past day or two I’ve had one killer of a headache.

Then it was off to the eye doctor.  Nothing new there.  I still have to wear contacts and glasses (not at the same time.)

I high tailed it out of there and over to stand in line for tickets to the Rat City Roller Girls.  We got tickets and we had a blast.  My friend brought his Korean roommate, who loved every moment of it.  He even left the place with a new favorite player.  And I think the highlight of his night was when a few of the player landed in his lap.  What guy wouldn’t like that?

Today I made some Black and Tan Mac and Cheese.  Yeah, I have to say, I won’t do that again.  It’s way, way too rich.  Like, it made me sick rich.  Not to mention it was a bit costly.  Hey, I tried it, didn’t like it, felt sick and now i know not to make it ever again. Before I felt ill, I did do a little work seaming the infamous Cables and Chains Jacket.  Almost done.  I’ve got one more sleeve to put on and then I’ve just got to seam up the sides.  So far it looks like it’s going to fit.  The big question is, will I like it on me.