I got so wrapped up in I’m not sure what, that I’ve been neglecting my poor blog.

I found out that my final time for the St. Paddy’s day dash was 39minutes and 16seconds.  Not bad.  I’m happy with that.  The next race will be more about hanging out with a good friend and not so much about time.  So it should be a much easier race.

I also finished knitting and blocking the Cables and Chains jacket.  Now I just need to seam it.  I’m not quite sure how to do that because of the ribbing and the different directions of the knit stitches.  So I’m going to go to my magic loop knitting class early and see if the can help me out.

I just cast on for my next project, which looks like it should be done in a week or so.  It’s Green Gables by Zephyr Style.  I got pattern at the Hilltop Yarn sale.  I couldn’t find the color I wanted in Cotton Fleece (that’s what the pattern called for).  So I subb’ed it for  Cascade Sierra color #65.  I read the pattern and it’s really well written and looks like it’s going to be easy to follow.

I also got my Red Sox Swap package from my new best friend – Alexis.  It was loaded with some awesome goodies!  I got a Red Sox Nalgene bottle – which will be accompanying everywhere, a “Yooooooouk!” sticker – if it weren’t raining would have been on my car within seconds of me seeing it, a little bear wearing a Red Sox World Series Champion 2007 hoodie, a couple of handknit red socks kitty toys for Jimbo and Kink – Kink barely let me open them before she threw hers around and went crazy.  Jimbo had to be gentle with his… sniff it a bit and then he played with it.  And then of course, the yarn… it was some super soft, beautiful sock yarn.  I can’t wait to work my soon to be new magic loop skills on it.