Today I got up and went to the Hilltop Yarn Fire Sale.  I got there, with, what I thought was plenty of time.  I got there at 10 and they opened at 11.  So I figured I’d grab a cup of joe, walk over and wait in line.  By the time I got my coffee and got in line, I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.  The porch and the stairs to the street were already filled with ladies waiting.  By 11 the line was almost to the end of the block.  When they opened the doors, it was a free-for-all.  Note to stores: If you are planning on doing a large sale like this – if there’s a large line and your store isn’t that big, limit the amount of people that can go in the store at one time.  It will save you from all sorts of trouble.  I’m suprised the fire department didn’t come back and nail them for a fire code violation.  It was to the point where you couldn’t move.  It was like being in the front row of some yarn concert.  It was like Elvis was playing at Hilltop Yarn.  At one point, I was waiting to pay and it was so packed in the one room that we were in that people were yelling across the room at the people on the other side if there was certain yarn there and what colors were left.  If it was what they wanted, then it would be thrown over the heads of everyone in the room to the person who wanted it.  We got into the store at 11 and I finally got out of there at 12:45!  I was in line for over an hour.  I made it out alive and only spending around $40 for 11 skeins of yarn.  Mostly Lamb’s Pride and Cascade 220 yarn.  There were people that were spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  One woman bought enough yarn for her to have all the projects she wanted to work on for the next year and a half.  I can’t plan that far in advance.  I’m impressed by such planning.

I noticed that there were a lot of Ravelry fans in the crowd.  I love that!  Ravelry is amazing.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Ravelry.

After that I ran to our group swim lesson at Medgar Evers Pool.  Which was awesome!  We were so impressed with the lesson that we’re planning on doing this again next week and for the next couple of weeks.  And the lessons only cost us $11 a person.  Totally worth it.

And now I’m going to work on my sweater… that’s right… it’s not done yet.  But it’s close.  The first sleeve is almost done and hopefully I’ll have it done tonight.  And then go to bed.