7.16.2011 – Hi All!  First I want to say thank you for reading and responding to this post as much as you all have.  I really appreciate it and all your comments mean a lot to me.  I also wanted to let you know that this post was originally written in 2008 and a lot has happened since then. I encourage you to read the rest of the blog.  I will eventually get back to running, but right now my focus is on swimming.  My knees are in really bad shape and the only exercise that doesn’t hurt is swimming.

Man I hate it.  Ok… I don’t hate it.  it’s just that me and running aren’t really friends.  I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with running to really get to know running.  I do know that my lungs feel like they are on fire when I start running. I feel like my muscles might not like running.  I don’t think they’ve spent much time together.  Just a little sprint or dash across the street every once in awhile.  But nothing longer than say a 50 yard dash.  I think running is like the new kid in school.  you just need to spend a little time with them each day in order to really get to know them.  Running could be the kid who picks his nose and plays D and D all night long his basement with all his wizard friends.  Or running could be the kid who’s in a band and who spent the summer backpacking thru Europe.

I think I’ll spend a little time running to find out which kid running is.  My money is on the nose pickin’ D and D player.  But hey, running could suprise me and be the backpacking thru Europe in a band kid.