Sorry about the short posts.  I’ve been ramping up the training and trying to study so I can take the math placement test next week.  I just want to get it over with.  I hate math.  I just need to power thru it and be done with it.

As for new news… holy god!  The cats are shedding like there’s no tomorrow and it’s driving me crazy.  So I asked my upstairs neighbor if she had this thing called the Furminator.  It’s a brush that supposedly gets rid of a ton of excess hair and shedding off your pets. I am a believer.  If there was a charity for cats who had little or no hair due to disease, I could have made them all kitty toupes with the amount of hair that I brushed off Kink!  And that was a short amount of brushing!  The hair just kept coming off!  It’s around $40 for the brush.  But I’m telling you, it’s totally worth it.