Recently I realized that I’m really enjoying my life.  I am genuinely happy.  I don’t think I could say that a year ago.  I thought I was happy.  Looking back on it, I think I really wanted things to be the dream life.  This summer I realized that my boyfriend at time and I have two different ideas of what a relationship and what we want in a relationship.  No one was or is right.  We just want different things.  And because I was forcing it into something it wasn’t, I was unhappy.

Now I can safely say, that I am very happy.  I love my life.  Sure there are things that I would change – maybe a few less hairballs (yes, I’m talking to you Jimbo), a few less pounds around the midsection… but all and all, I’m happy.  The only thing that I feel is really missing is the perfect person to share my life with.  I have faith that it will happen, I just wish the cosmos could speed it up a bit.  I’m not sure how many more blind dates I can take.

Here’s where I get all “Oprah.”  Oprah had a story in her magazine about a woman who wrote a list of all everything she wanted in her ideal mate.  She wrote the list and then put it away.  Years later she found the list and realized that everything thing she wrote on the list was everything her husband was.  So here’s my list (hey, it can’t hurt, right):

Someone I can laugh with, can make me laugh and I can make laugh.

Someone who can inspire me and someone I can inspire.

Someone who loves me for me – bad habits and all.

Someone who’s loyal, honest and trustworthy.

Someone my dad knows will take good care of and love his little girl.

Someone my mom knows will keep the house clean and keep me on the straight and narrow.

And most importantly someone who has season tickets to the Red Sox.  (OK I’d settle for taking me to a game or three.)

Now I’m off to get working on the sleeve for the Cables and Chains jacket.