That’s right… it’s back to swimming.  It’s way too cold, rainy and icky out to be cycling or running.  I’m pretty sure that’s why they made indoor pools.  So it’s back to the pool for me.  Today I decided to swim a mile.  Now… the last time I was up to a mile was last year and it would take me about 40 minutes or so.  This time it took about an hour.  And of course, the first half mile was excruciating.  Once I powered thru it, I was fine.  I think I’m more of a long distance person.  I think I need to be able to force myself to power thru the first half in order to settle into a pace that’s perfect for me.  Granted I’m not super fast, and I’ll never be sponsored or be able to do triathlons for a living, but slow and steady wins the race.