The scarf part of the Cables and Chains Jacket is almost done.  I’m hoping to have it done tonight.  I’m also working at the gift center tomorrow because of the Gift Show.  So I’ll be able to do a little knitting while I’m there.  And hopefully get a little studying done.  Apparently it’s been a bit slow.  So I was told to bring the knitting and whatever else I wanted to keep myself occupied during the slow parts.  I gotta say, I’m kinda happy I’m switching up the schedule a bit.  It’ll be a little nice have a change of scenery. I really would just love to have this sweater finished within the next couple of weeks. I want to wear this thing out!  Man… I hope it looks good on me.

Right now I’m trying to figure out the next project.  I’ll probably try and get the blanket finished for Jen’s Wedding present.  Yeah… it’s a little late.   Sorry Jen!  Hopefully I’ll be working on it when I see you in a week or so.  If we can’t get my single lady partner in crime to come visit, I’ll be coming down there el solo!