The Cables and Chains jacket is rounding the corner to the finishline!  I finished the scarf piece last night.  Now all that’s left is the sleeves.  I’m torn between doing all the seaming myself or having it done by someone else.  As I’m looking at it, it’s kind of a tough one to get right.  I guess I can find out pricing and whatnot and decide from there.  I just hope, after all this work, it looks good and fits great.

I just found out that one of my favorite LYS, Hilltop Yarn had a small fire in their basement.  No one was hurt so that’s a good thing.  It sounds like once they get things looked at and get the electric back up and running they’ll be back in business.

Right now I’m down at the gift center wondering what I’m going to do with the day.  The woman in the space next to ours is super nice and super cool.  We chatted for a bit and I’ll probably head over there for a few so I can stretch my legs and talk to someone.   the view from our space consists of nothing but industrial areas – an infinite number of shipping containers either coming or going.  A couple different industrial plants.  I believe one is a cement plant.  The First Avenue South bridge.  Oh yeah, and a McDonalds.

Followed by a Les Schwab Tire Center.  Who by the way, at certain times of the year will give you free beef for purchasing a full set of tires.  I will never understand that connection.  Perhaps it’s that tires are a considered a manly thing as is beef.  I gotta be honest, there’s nothing manly about a Ford Focus (which is what I’ve got) so does that mean I get a less manlier cut of beef.  Perhaps a rump roast instead of a t-bone steak?  I wonder if they say stuff like, “Oh great… here comes a chick.  You know she’s not gonna want beef.  She’ll want skinless chicken because it’s less fat.”  Or if they see someone pull up in a Hummer or an old school Iroc, “Yeah… now here comes a beef lover.  I bet he’s got a keg in the trunk.” How did that marketing gem come to be?  Maybe the tires are made out of cows!  They’re soylent green tires!

Man… it’s gonna be a long day.