This was one heck of a weekend.  Friday was pretty mellow.  But Saturday was non stop.  I had to get an oil change at the ungodly hour of 9am.  By the time the dealership (the only reason I get oil changes at the dealership is because they’re free) got done, it was an hour and a half later.  I asked to see how much it would cost to get my 30k check up done and they told me $1000.  Um, nope.  I’ll go somewhere else thank you.

Then it was off to try and find a plain tshirt that wasn’t 3 feet too long or super tight.  I think the designers of the world need to realize that not all of us are model thin or model tall.  Not to mention I have boobs.  It’s apparently impossible to make a tshirt that fits women.  Not girls, not teens… women… with curves.

I went to my knitting finishing class to find out it had been canceled.  So I made the best of it, and asked for help fixing the cable that I messed up on my Cables and Chains Jacket.  They showed me how to fix it and gave me a store credit for the class and I was off again to find the elusive tshirt.

I went home, grabbed a bite to eat, and took a nap before heading out for the evening.  I went to Jules Mae Saloon over in Georgetown to see a friend sing.  It was a birthday party for someone and so all the bands either played covers of old metal hits or they did a karaoke with old metal hits.  It was a great time.  The first band was the New Originals.  They’re a bunch of guys from the local metal radio station.  Truly an awesome show. They are a party in band form.  I ended up staying out until the wee hours of the morning.

I woke up today to my ears still ringing.  And a really dry mouth.  I picked my lazy butt out of bed and went out and grabbed a few things for a superbowl party that I was going to.  I came home and of course, took a short nap, and then it was off to watch the game.  I gotta admit, the first half, not so entertaining. And then the last quarter – now that was a game!  And Tim Petty was good… but nothing special.  Nut up NFL and Fox and the FCC.  Let’s get some good acts out there. Someone that might be a bit risque…perhap, I don’t know… anyone else….

And then of course there were the 3am hairball events that Jimbo’s being throwning down.  If anyone knows how to help a cat not have hairballs (aside from shaving him) please let me know.