It arrived! And it was beautiful! Thank you Carrie! I love everything in it. Oh, so you want to know what was in the package? well take a look-see.

WWCS package

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with te yarn just yet. But I can guarantee the coffee and the candy will be gone in no time! Thanks again Carrie!

On Saturday I was out shopping with a couple of friends and I took some photos of the holiday cheer here in Seattle. Here’s a picture of the “Charlie Brown” tree the down at Westlake Center. This tree made news here because it was such a Charlie Brown tree. They supposedly added a few branches here and there, but for the life of me I can’t find them.

Charlie Brown tree

And it wouldn’t be Seattle without some sort of protest. Here’s a group protesting the war and the commercialism.


While I was out I bought Kink and Jimbo a new tent thing for them to play in. It turns out Kink loves it. Jimbo, again, could care less.

Kink in her element

Kink in tent

And yesterday I taught Kink how to knit. Again, Jimbo could care less. He also seems to be a bit camera shy recently. I wonder if he’s going thru puberty.

Portrait of a Kitty Knitter

Hopefully this evening I’ll be finished with my the last knit present I’m making for Christmas. That means that I’ll be able to work on my sweater and my friend’s Log Cabin Blanket.