I love this time of year!  The air is crisp (and in most of the places I’ll be, it’s freezing cold), everyone is bundled up, and little kids looks so darn cute all bundled up, screaming and crying because they can’t get what they want.  Even Fremont is getting festive.  Lenin is getting into the holiday spirit.  That’s right I said Lenin, leader of the communist party.  I suppose we should stress party…

Lenin like to party

Who’s the communist leader who like to get buck wild and party?  Lenin!  I think I’ll call him LL Cool L (Ladies Love Cool Lenin) – sorry LL Cool J.  The ladies like Lenin.

I got an idea!

Hey everybody, look!  Lenin’s got an idea!  It’s a party!  A communist party!  Now get back to work!  I’m not too sure of who Lenin came to live in Fremont, but thanks to the internet and millions of people who don’t have lives (and I’m including myself in that group), we’ve got a wikipedia entry that tells you how Lenin came to find an expensive, small condo in Fremont.  People dress him up and put all sorts of signs and things on him.  My favorite was when someone put a sign around his neck that said “Pull my finger.”  It still makes me giggle, just thinking about it.

After taking a few pictures of Lenin I headed to my LYS and got a few supplies for a present I’m working on.  I can’t say what it is because the recipient is reading this.  Then I came home to find Kink in Rambo mode – ok, not so much Rambo mode, but sleeping under the tree.

Kink and her tree

She’s like a little angel sent from above… yeah… ok…  not so much.

I thought I would see if there was anything online about overly done Christmas themed houses in the Seattle area.  And lo and behold there was.  There’s a house in West Seattle that is leaps and bounds above all the others. I’ll try and take photos but quite honestly I don’t think I can do it justice.  Fortunately, someone else got photos, video and and interview from last year’s display!  Check it out.  There was a house back home on Washout Road that went all out.  But I think this might beat that house.  My neighbor and I are going to grab some holiday cookies, some hot chocolate and drive on over and experience the wonder, the beauty that is this house.