My friend is having cupcakes at her wedding instead of one big cake. a cool idea if you ask me… And since you can’t really put a normal wedding cake topper on a cupcake she asked me if could run by Archie McPhee’s (like I need an excuse to go to Archie McPhee’s) and see if they might have a small bride and groom to put on top of a cupcake. Of course they did. My friend lives in Portland so I had to take couple of glamour shots of the cupcake couple (ok,I didn’t have to, but I really wanted to). And here’s the darling couple now…

I saw this at my local pet store. And I can’t wait to go and take pictures! I’m trying to convince my friend that he and his dog need to go. We’ll see what happens.

Mr.and Mrs. Cupcake

The happy couple

I gotta get some more mini people and just take them and my camera everywhere.

I’ve taken to doing some knitting in the during our weekly work meetings. I tend to get a lot done in those meetings. So here’s how far I got with the wrap.

the progress

Once I finish that skein of yarn, I’ll go back to the Sensations Angel Hair yarn that I started with and hope that it’s big enough. I realized that the Angel Hair yarn tends to shed a bit, so I be sure to pack a lint brush when I head out the door to go to the wedding.