I love all my LYS.  Today after work I went to Hilltop Yarn, over on Queen Anne Hill.  I showed them my progress on Fantine and asked for help locating this pesky extra stitch I had.  And the knitting guru found it instantly and we were able to just drop it with no bad stuff happening to it.  So I was happy as happy can be.

Today I brought my bike to work, so that I could bike the Burke Gilman at lunch.  It was perfect.  I wasn’t out too long, as I didn’t really know how far I could go in an hour or so.  It doesn’t look like there are mile markers on the trail.  So I’ll have to google earth it and see how far I got.

I spent the rest of my day wondering if I could get up to a half marathon distance run by mid October.  I saw that the Run Like Hell half marathon in Portland is October 21st.  It would be kinda cool to have a half marathon under my belt by Christmas.  I don’t know if I can keep the 15 minute mile pace.  I guess I’ll train for it and find out.  I just won’t register until the last minute.