Pike Place Market

I just got back from the Market and came home with 2 mini cheesecakes from the Confectional. I haven’t dipped into them yet, but they look amazing! Take a look…

Cheesecake goodness

The one on the left is Mexican Chocolate and the one on the right is Triple Berry.

One of the best things about Pike Place Market is all the flower stands. It’s so fragrant and colorful this time of year. (insert pretty flower picture here)

pretty flowers at the market more pretty flowers

And of course one of my favorite things about this city and summertime – the Pigs!

Here’s my favorite one – I’m calling her the Carmen Miranda Pig.

Carmen Miranda Pig

I stopped by Pike Place Fish to see my friend and as always, it was crazy down there.  I said a quick hello and was one my way back to my LYS – So Much Yarn to see if they could help me understand the Fantine pattern.  Now that I’ve got that straightened out, I’m ready to get this thing going!