Today at lunch time I bought a new bike saddle.  I went to Performance Cycles over in the U-District.  They were having a big sale and I got a saddle that was originally $100 for $45.  I put it on my bike when I got home and rode it for a short 10 mile ride.  So far, no pain.  Here’s hoping this saddle works!  I suppose I’ll know tomorrow if it’s the wrong saddle for me.

I didn’t get a chance to head to my LYS today.  I’m just gonna give it a go on the Fantine pattern.  If it’s not right, I’ll just frog it.

Jimbo at the computer

Apparently I shouldn’t be on my computer.  My cat Jimbo is sitting right in front of the screen.  I’ll take that as a sign.  I probably shouldn’t just show Jimbo.  So here’s a picture of his sister Kinky Disco aka the Kink stalking something out the kitchen window.

Kink in the Kitchen