that darn Rebecca Shawl Sweater is done! I’m going to start a swatch for the Twinkle Shopping Tunic. bought 2 balls of Rowan Holiday. I’ve got to knit with 2 strands and it’s gonna cost me and arm and a leg. So maybe the best case scenario is that it doesn’t work out. Who knows. I guess I’ll know a bit more tomorrow after I knock out the swatch. If it doesn’t work, perhaps I’ll try and get my hands on Fantine – the French Girl pattern.

It’s Seafair weekend here, so my neighborhood is a bit crazy. Seafair weekend is basically like Nascar but with hydroplane boats instead of cars. The Blue Angels have been flying overhead since Wednesday.  The cats love when the Blue Angels are in town.

As for the Shawl Sweater, I’ll try and get a photo of it up in the next couple of days.